Welcome to M&M Jewelers

-Jewelry Appraising
-Platinum, Gold & Silver Jewelry Repair
-Ring sizing on Gold, Silver & Platinum rings. 
-Chain repairs of all types of metal. 
-Spring replacement in Lobster Claw clasps. 
-Embossing on leather, wood and other materials
-Engraving on Glass, jewelry, wood, stone, Titanium and more. 
-Watch & Clock Repair - Timex to Rolex - Free Estimates
-Eyeglass Frame Repairs on all types of glasses including Titanium and Plastic
-Broken Screw removal and replacement in Eyeglass Frames.
-Repair of Plastic Eyeglass Frames
-Repair of Titanium Eyeglass Frames.
-Rhodium Plating & Gold Plating
-Watch Battery Replacement
-Diamond Setting & Gemstone Setting
-Free Jewelry Cleaning 
-Jewelry Polishing
-Gemstone Replacement and Recutting  
-Pearl & Bead Stringing  & Pearl Drilling
-House Calls on Large Clocks
-Custom Jewelry Design & Manufacturing
-Custom Wax Work / Molds made & Casting
-Hand Made settings of all types and metals
-Diamond & Gemstone Repair, Cutting, Re-Cutting & Polishing 
-Free Emergency Ring Removal
-Prongs Repaired, Re-Tipped and Re-built
-Engraving on Guns, gun parts, hand cuffs & Badges
-Engraving on Canes, Pool Cues, Swords, Baseball Bats & More. 
-Names & Monograms Custom Cut in Gold or Silver & More
-Custom Made Piercing Jewelry / Plain or with gemstones.
-Pearl Drilling / Special Order Drilling of many Metals 
-Battery replacement in automobile remotes & some repairs
-Battery replacement in garage openers
-Gold ring sizing starting at $18.00
-Platinum ring sizing starting at $27.00
-Silver ring sizing starting at $15.00
-Chain repairs starting at $10.00
-Diamond setting starting at $10.00
-Eyeglass repairs / Most  $20.00 to $35.00
-Watch bands adjusted from $5.00
-Most Watch battery replacement for $5.00 to $7.00 
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