About Us

We are located in Down Town Chula Vista and have been in business here since February of 1977 . The owner is the original owner and is also the goldsmith/silversmith and jewelry repairman.  Also the person who repairs most all the eyeglasses and has repaired over 40,000 pairs of glasses.  Michael Mace, the owner started the business stringing beads, shortly after started silversmithing and within one more year, started making and repairing gold Jewelry.  Michael can repair or restore most any piece of jewelry of most any metal. Silver work is a specialty as well as Eyeglass repair. You can watch jewelry being made and repaired as the bench area is on the sales floor behind glass.  Michael started the business in late 1974 and formally got a license effective January 1st, 1975, so in short order, a milestone of 40 years of making and repairing jewelry will be met.  The store is family owned and family operated. Michael's wife Elvia and daughter Andreina are here to welcome you and help you with  any need you may have related to our jewelry store since you could see the many services we offer.  We clean jewelry for free and do many other things for free. One service we offer is Emergency ring removal. We use a small hand turned special saw to cut the ring, then use two pairs of pliers to open the ring, then carefully remove it. It is very safe, no heat or chance of cutting a finger or hand. 
We are also known as M & M's Eyeglass Repair Center since we specialize in eyeglass repair. 
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