Custom Jewelry

Custom work is one of our specialties.  My shop in on the store floor and one can stand and watch me work and repair and make jewelry if they want.  I started fabricating silver jewelry back in 1975 and soon after started hand making and also repairing gold and platinum jewelry too. I roll out wire and sheet from different karats of gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass and other metals as needed to make orders.  I own the store and do the repair work and custom work and do most all my own diamond and gem setting. So if you have a drawing, a picture or just an idea, we can get started and create what you have in your mind for yourself or a loved one. 

  We can generate a custom wax by computer or can hand carve one to your specifications and to accept the stones you have in mind to set. We can mold an item you want to duplicate and or modify to your need or desire. When cast, we clean the casting and prepare it to set stones or do special plating to give it different accents or looks. So we are virtually unlimited in what we can do or make. If you can imagine it, I'm sure we can create what you have in your mind……if you explain it well enough that is.. 

We can custom make your name or initials to add to a ring, a bracelet or pendant and set stones as you like.  If you have a business logo, we can cut it in gold or silver and then engrave it or set gemstones to make it stand out.  And we can use your metal to do the work and save you a great deal of $$$$and just charge you labor.  And our labor charges are lower than most all stores since we do the work in-house , I do the work and do not pay an employee to do the work.  We are a three person store with my wife Elvia taking care of her many tasks and daughter Andreina who does a great deal of the work. She handles the engraving, most quartz clock repair and battery changing, besides managing all the repair orders and the books to maintain control of the 350- 400 jobs we do here at the store each month.  So come on down and meet the girls as they will take good care of your jewelry needs and you most assuredly leave happy.  Thanks.
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