Jewelry Repair

When it comes to jewelry repair, all you have to do is ask as I can repair almost any piece of jewelry in most any metal. From costume to platinum.  I am able to roll or mill wire and sheet for hand fabrication of jewelry. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass and more if you have a need.  Just bring in a picture, drawing or an idea and we can accomplish the job.  I started hand fabricating silver jewelry in 1975 and can size virtually any silver ring you can bring me if you have a need.  My shop is on the store floor and people can watch me work if they desire.  I can set your diamond or diamonds as you watch if you have that need in particular, and if I am not working on something for another customer.  Here in my store, those with eyeglass repairs have absolute priority over any jewelry job as it should be understood that people need to see. 

  If you have a ring with a broken prong, or worn out, that can be easily repaired here. The only thing that slows up a job where we have to gold solder or weld, is when a piece of jewelry is dirty. Jewelry has to be surgically clean, especially if stones are present so not to discolor them. That and if gemstones besides Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds are present and near where a repair has to be made, they have to be removed and then reset. Otherwise they will be damaged by the heat. So trust, when it comes to jewelry repair, there is little or nothing that we cannot repair.  And if by chance it is a job that requires a laser to be used, we have access to that special service and very good prices.  

Speaking of prices, I am the owner of the store and am the jeweler, so I am not paying someone else to do the repairs, thus my charges are lower than most any jewelry store in all of San Diego County. And I do it all, from the repairs as stated above to almost any form of setting gems. I also do inlay work with stones like coral, turquoise, mother of pearl, jet, abalone, opal, malachite, ivory, and more and as such can repair or replace stones in virtually any inlay piece.  So come on down if you have a jewelry need, especially if someone else cannot do it.  
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