Optical/Eyeglass Repair

Most eyeglass frames can be repaired for $20.00 to $35.00

Most frames can be repaired in one hour or less and in an emergency, while you wait.  You may find others waiting here for their glasses to be fixed, so the earlier you get in, the sooner you will have yours repaired.  I have repaired over 40,000 pairs of eyeglasses and can fix virtually any pair of glasses.  To include making parts if needed to effect a repair.  We give priority to eyeglass repairs, so that is a plus. 

We can repair  98% of all glasses no matter where they are broken. 

We are able to fix most titanium eyeglasses and so far about 50% of plastic frames. All metal parts on plastic eyeglass frames can be fixed or replaced. 
Plastic eyeglass frames can be repaired by a chemical process where no glue is used, and if glue has been put on the frames, usually contamination takes place and makes the frames un repairable. 

We are able to make parts or construct parts to make impossible repairs possible. 

We have temples, nose pads, screws, and most other parts to effect repairs as needed. 

We also have hundreds of new frames that we can use to put your lens in if your frames cannot be repaired or if the cost is prohibitive.  And most new frames cost only $35.00

We can usually also repair some optical instruments used by Optometrists if they need to be welded or modified to enable usage again.  I have repaired glasses used by surgeons and really am unlimited, as I will find a way to do the job if at all possible. 

We can also custom engrave your glasses as needed or desired. 
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